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If you’ve seen the movie, Julie and Julia, you will love this book!  Written by Julia Child and her nephew, Alex Prud’Homme, My Life in France is the first person account of Julia Child’s experience in France as she developed her love of cooking, particularly French cuisine. This book is more than Julia’s account of her cooking classes.  Her use of French expressions to describe her travels, her new friends, and recipes makes me very jealous of everyone who has some knowledge of French!

Gracieux!  I am calling or texting my son (who had 5 years of French) every other day to explain to me the nuances or humor of the next new French expression I discover as I read.  Besides that, you history buffs out there will be enthralled by the descriptions of life in France after World War II: the politics, the deprivation, the culture!  If you are interested in a career with the Foreign Service office or in international relations this is also the book for you.  Julia’s husband, Paul Child, was stationed in France with the US Information Service, thus, her life there.  He was also a very skilled photographer and artist and many of his photographs enhance the pages of the book.

And, I didn’t even mention Julia’s descriptions of the food!  Mouth watering! The best news is that you will have the most delightful gastronomical experience without a worry about caloric intake.

Cieux!  I’ve read so much about life in France and discovered so many interesting French expressions that I almost feel like I could speak French, if I only knew what I was saying! Tant pis!  Perhaps, one of you Francophiles will read this book and be able to help me enjoy it even more!

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