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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

FANGIRL_CoverDec2012Have you ever felt like you knew a book character personally? Like you could imagine what they might say in different situations? Well, this is how Cath Avery feels about Simon Snow, a Harry Potter-esque character/book series that Cath and her twin sister Wren grew up reading and loving as a way to cope with their mom leaving. It just seemed natural that they would start to write fan fiction about Simon Snow and the other characters Simon’s magical world.

When Cath and Wren go off to college, Wren tells Cath that they shouldn’t be roommates so they can “meet other people”. Cath finds herself dealing with a difficult Fiction Writing professor, a roommate Cath is convinced hates her, two boys who *might* like her, but how do you tell? and a bi-polar dad who struggles to take care of himself with his only daughters off at college, all while Wren takes up an unhealthy party lifestyle. When Cath writes Simon Snow fan fiction, though, none of those things can get to her. She can completely enter the world of Simon Snow, and with thousands of readers eager to devour her next installment, she has even more motivation to spend time writing rather than being social. Can Cath find the courage to live her life and create her own story?

Interspersed with excerpts from the “canon” Simon Snow books as well as Cath and Wren’s contributions to the fandom, this is a quick and entertaining read with lots of heart. Anyone who followed and loved the Harry Potter series will identify with the emotional connection that can grow from a vivid world and well developed characters, as well as the sense of sadness when those books end.
The year is young, but this is one of my favorites, so far!

If you like this book, you should definitely read Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. Rowell does such an amazing job creating characters and relationships you don’t want to stop reading about, and I’m very excited to follow her as she continues her writing career!

Happy Reading!

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