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Have you ever wondered how the hamburger was invented, or what kinds of products go into those mouthwatering chicken nuggets? Chew on This, by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson, is a book describing the start and progression of fast food and major fast food chains, what is in the ingredients of some of our favorite meals, and how fast food has made an impact on our society. It features interviews from consumers, restaurant employees and farmers providing the cattle, chicken, and potatoes. So, if you really want to know everything about fast food you will eat this book up and possibly change your mind about your food choices. * This book is not for the queasy or anyone who is easily grossed out.


Reviewed by Haley M ’16


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In anticipation of the new movie coming out April 20th, I causally picked up one of Nicholas Sparks’ many romances, “The Lucky One”, and flew threw it in one weekend! The novel is about U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault who returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq against all odds. Even in the face of war, Logan experienced a sudden streak of life, but only after finding an old photograph of a smiling young woman half-buried in the dirt during his tour. At first, Logan doesn’t believe in the power of the picture, yet soon enough he begins to believe that the photograph is his lucky charm. Determined to thank the woman from the photo for saving his life, Logan sets out on a journey to find this woman, during which he faces thought-provoking questions regarding life, love, and destiny. This novel is a great weekend read! It had a surprising amount of plot twists and definitely keeps the reader engaged from the opening cover to the back slip. I especially enjoyed reading “The Lucky One” knowing that Zac Efron would be playing the role of Logan. I hope anyone who reads this book enjoys it as much as I did!

Reviewed by Emma M ’13

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When young Roy Eberhardt moves to Florida, his whole life changes. Even though he had moved several times and was used to being the new kid, this time is different. While Dana, the uncontrollable bully, is out to destroy Roy, he comes across a bigger problem: there is a family of owls living in the very spot that the new Mother Paula’s Pancake House is going to be built. If Roy doesn’t act quick, the owls will be history. With the help of a a brave soccer player, Beatrice, and her runaway stepbrother, Mullet Fingers, he tries to help the birds in any way possible. This is an enjoyable read for anyone who likes to read about friendship, curiosity, and pancakes!

Reviewed by Rachel R ’16

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