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Are you an armchair traveler who likes to visit exotic, possibly even dangerous locales without actually leaving the comfort of your home? If so, then this is the book for you.  State of Wonder takes you to the Amazon rainforest, a lush, beautiful land where danger lurks beneath every step you take, every tree you lean against. Marina Singh is a pharmaceutical researcher who has been ordered by her company’s CEO (and secret lover) to hop on a plane and leave frozen Minnesota to find her missing co-worker who traveled there months before to check on the status of a revolutionary new fertility drug being developed by Singh’s mentor, the infamous yet highly eccentric gynecologist, Dr. Annick Swenson. Swenson has cut off contact with her employers in Minnesota and they are desperate for information. Essentially Singh has to get to Brazil, locate Dr. Swenson, then find a guide into the jungle to visit the lab. She has to find out exactly what happened to her missing co-worker, gather his personal effects to return to his family in the States, and find out what in the heck is going on with this miracle drug. Sound confusing? It’s really not once you dive into this page turner. The GPS Faculty book club will be discussing this one at our holiday gathering next week. I recommend it to any book club–tons to discuss here! Best for mature readers.

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Check out an Animoto I just made promoting some of the new books we get to read this winter thanks to our Grandparents Day book sale on November 18th. Parents, Alums, and other members of the GPS Community are invited to purchase the remaining books to honor a student, faculty member past or present, or even a special GPS memory (info here).

Note: Animoto won’t embed directly into a post so just  look to the right for my VodPod widget. Click on it and enjoy the video!

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