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Has it been a while since a book just jumped out and grabbed you, refusing to let go until you finished the last line? If so, then this is the book for you. Written for mature readers, this is the story of the Stanley family and their move from a comfortable life surrounded by family and friends deep in the heart of Illinois farm country to a bleak town in Oregon where Nate, the father, has been offered a position as deputy sheriff. Nate’s wife Irene and their two teenaged children, Bliss and Shep, reluctantly agree to the move. Within a year of their arrival the unthinkable happens, 15 year old Shep is found murdered in their home and the family is crushed by the weight of what has happened. The murderer is sent to death row and year after year, the family must endure the appeal process, burning with hatred for this man. Decades go by and Irene realizes that she must forgive her son’s murderer if she is to save herself. The relationship that blossoms will surprise you and the truth about what happened that fateful day may surprise you even more. A story about the healing powers of forgiveness, this is a must-read in my book.

Reviewed by Mrs. Archambault


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